EGE International Ltd trade all grade of glycerine to a variety of industries, we buy and sell Refined Glycerine, Crude Glycerine, G Phase Glycerine, Feed Grade glycerines

Bio fuel refinery feedstocks

EGE International Ltd supply a number of products for the manufacture of Biodiesel, we can supply Used Cooking Oil, Fatty Acids and Acid oils

Bio diesel trader


We supply a full range of biodiesels including Used Cooking oil methyl esters (UCOME), Fatty acid methyl Esters (FAME), Tallow Methyl Esters (TME), Rape seed Methyl Esters (RME),Palm Methyl Esters (PME)

Energy sector

EGE International Ltd supply a number of fuel products into the power industry including but not limited to Biomass, Heating Oils, Distillation Residues.

Energy sector fuels
Production / process chemicals

Production Chemicals

EGE International Ltd can supply you with Methanol, Recovered Methanol and Ethanol.

Fossil Fuels

EGE International Ltd can also supply a range of Heavy Fuel oils, LSFO, PFO, Gasoils and Diesels

Fossil fuels
Cutter stock

Blend / Cutter stocks

We supply a range of base oils / re-refined base oils and cutter stocks