Anti Dumping

In the USA the National Biodiesel Board filed an antidumping and countervailing duty petition, making the case that Argentine and Indonesian companies are violating trade laws by flooding the U.S. market with dumped and subsidized biodiesel.

Indian Jatropha woes

In India, the cabinet has approved the closure of the two joint ventures set up in 2008 and 2009 with HPCL and Indian Oil with the Chhattisgarh Renewable Energy Development Agency to develop and commercialize jatropha-based biodiesel.

Brazilian Biodiesel

In Brazil, this year is not starting in the most positive way for biodiesel plants. According to data recently released by the ANP, the production in January was a disappointing 255.3 million litres, down 5.9% on the year.

R&D investment is essential

Experts say lack of R&D investment keeping Malaysian biodiesel behind the West
In Malaysia, national experts have accused the government for failing to invest sufficiently in palm oil R&D for biodiesel during the past 30 years that has left the country and its industry behind others like the US and Brazil who have been innovating extensively to improve biodiesel production.


Trump Administration faced with sticky wicket on RFS PoO
In Washington, despite the White House’s denial that no executive order is in the works to shift the point of obligation under the Renewable Fuel Standard, Bloomberg reports that a flurry of meetings between the Trump Administration, members of Fuels America, the American Petroleum Institute and others have been held on the issue over the past few days.

Eco Glow hits the UK, the latest innovation in heating and power generation

Working in conjunction with the product development team of BTX, Eco Glow Energy Ltd is delighted to announce a new addition to its range of heating and power generation fuels.

Eco glow was designed to compliment the existing range of biofuels and crude / technical glycerines that Eco Glow Energy Ltd makes available to its clients.

2_smallWith an eye firmly on offering sustainable fuels to the market Eco glow was developed with 2 key parameters in mind, it had to be Eco “nomical” and most importantly Eco “logical”. It was a key consideration for us that Eco Glow should have all the performance and refinement of a high grade fuel but that it should offer that performance in an affordable manner.

Working alongside our colleagues at BTX we have developed what we believe to be an excellent heating fuel at a competitive price allowing our clients to enjoy the benefits of a truly green heating fuel alternative without the premium price tag previously associated with going green. With the added benefits of potential tax savings and incentives offered to companies for using this type of fuel product we truly believe that you will not find a better performing green fuel for your money.

Eco Glow is already actively used in power generation in the UK and following the development of a new processing facility with our strategic partners we have dramatically increased our production capability to be able to offer this excellent fuel to a far wider audience.

Eco glow has been specially formulated to produce a consistently high calorific output from sustainably sourced elements of bio fuel production, carefully utilising premium grade bio diesel alongside specially treated waste streams to ensure every possible element from the manufacture is re used in the production. The elements are carefully treated and blended to ensure we create a fuel product that really does have provable benefits to our environment.

Get in touch with us today to find out how switching to Eco Glow Fuel can add value to your business or simply register your details via our website contact page so we can keep you advised of a latest developments.